Matthias Weibel
11.04.2019 16:09:00

Web: 30.0.42 (22057-production)
API: 30 (22055)

Version 29

Web: 29.0.39 (20973-production)
API: 29 (21033)

Version 28

Web: 28.0.51 (20271-production)
API: 28 (20252)

Version 27

  • We have added a new functionality called "Groups". With "Groups" we have introduced a permission layer that allows Condense subscription owners to control which users can create, publish, and read news articles. Have a look here to get a detailed description how it works.
  • Zoom Images in Mobile App: we brought back the possibility to view the images in a larger scale and zoom in.
  • Zapier: We will release shortly an app in Zapier to make it easy to integrate 3rd party apps with Condense.

Web: 27.0.34 (18553-production)
API: 27 (18526)

Version 26 (Mobile)

Web: v26 (17252-production)
API: v26 (17185)

Version 25 (Web)

Web: v25 (16400)
API: v25 (16379)

Version 24

  • Multi-Subscription Support:
    • A user can be invited and assigned to multiple subscriptions with the same email address now.
    • If you are part of multiple subscription, you can switch a subscription via the user context menu in the top right corner.
    • You can create a new subscription even if you are already part of another subscription.
    • You can define the name of the subscription while creating it

Web: v24 (14360)
API: v24 (14237)

Version 23

We introduced support for user accounts and subscriptions that are not linked to an Azure Active Directory:

  • It's now possible to create subscriptions without an Azure Active Directory.
  • It's now possible to invite users by e-mail.
  • It's now possible to invite external users by e-mail for subscriptions that are linked to an Azure Active Directory.

For now the login via a personal user account (non Azure Active Directory account) is not supported on the mobile app. This only works in the web application of Condense. We will allow this in the future.

Web: v23 (13137)
API: v23 (13145)

Version 22

  • User details callout - see the user properties like the email address or the phone number of a news article author or other Condense users in a callout
  • Improved color theme settings - specify the color of the top navigation bar (which is no longer derived from the the side bar color)
  • Improved highlighting of selected articles - the configured colors of the theme are used to higlight the selected items in the editor list
  • Revised article metadata editing - in the editor view editable metadata fields are clearly outlined to make them easier to identify and edit
  • Improved error messages for bulk deletion - clear error messages makes it easy to understand why some articles could not be deleted from the editor list
  • ... and many other minor improvements and fixes

Version 21

  • Published articles editing - edit already published news without un-publishing the article
  • Unread news highlighting - we updated the consumer view so that users are now able to see which news articles they did not visit yet (feature enabled on request)
  • Quotes formatting - now the edit view supports formatting quotes in the rich text editor
  • Image captions - inline images for an article can be described with a caption (web only)
  • Display channels - in the detail view the channels of news article are displayed (web only)

Version 20

  • Channel Targeting - administrators are able to define default channels for specific user groups based on AD groups and other user properties
  • Copy text on mobile - users can copy the text of a news article and paste it in another app on their mobile
  • Image zooming on mobile - mobile users can zoom the banner image to get a more detailed view of it


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