Make your internal communication more effective, your content more relevant and your social interactions more personal.

The comprehensive feature set of LiveTiles Reach makes publishing and targeting of news, social posts and structured content easy and helps your employees to connect and engage.


NEWS Dedicated Channel for Relevant Updates

Reach all your employees

Communicate independent of location, time and device and reach your desk and non-desk workers alike. Even include externals such as freelancers, contractors and business partners. Overcome language barriers with automatic translation.

Make content relevant

Communicate accurately, authentically and interactively. With our profile-based content targeting and effective planning tools, you ensure that your content is relevant to each individual reader.

Issue targeted warnings

Urgent messages and warnings are always displayed at the top of any screen via push messages. You can even specify the duration of an event so it automatically disappears when danger is over.

LiveTiles Reach News

POSTS Social Sharing and Conversations

User-generated content

Communication not only happens top-down, but also bottom-up, in groups and between employees. Enable all employees to share information within the company - LiveTiles Posts are quick and easy and increase employee engagement and alignment.

Knowledge sharing

Use our intuitive rich media editor to post pictures and videos to share knowledge in communities of practice or with the whole company. Or unlock the knowledge in the heads of your colleagues to get your questions answered.

Start a discussion

Discuss specific topics with subject matter experts in closed groups or post a great idea to an open forum to provoque reactions and foster innovation across organizational borders.

LiveTiles Reach Posts

PAGES Structured Content and Knowledge

Never miss an update

With LiveTiles Reach's built-in CMS for structured pages, full-time editors and occasional authors alike can easily create multilingual content and inform their colleagues immediately about important changes with push notifications.

The company in your pocket

Interactive assembly instructions with integrated learning videos and image galleries, employee and process manuals and many other extensive knowledge pieces can be effortlessly managed and directly accessed via mobile devices.

Find needles in the haystack

Even if you have a lot of content to share and are looking for specific information, our mobile-optimized search and intuitive filters provide a direct route to all content in LiveTiles Reach: pages, news, post and events - all in one search result.

LiveTiles Reach Pages

PEOPLE Connected to Colleagues and Experts

Personal connections

Help your employees to easily connect with their peers, manaement and experts and to contact them directly by phone, email or chat, or start a Microsoft Teams conversation and exchange knowledge and content.

Borderless communication

Thanks to our integration with Azure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory B2C, you will even find your contractors, freelancers and business partners in our directory and can connect securely.

Hi! Salut! Hoi! Hej! Ciao!

Not a language genius? Not a problem, because LiveTiles Reach is. Translate 60+ languanges in your own directly while being connected to someone you otherwise wouldn't understand. It's just one extra click.

LiveTiles Reach People

EVENTS Staff Activities and Training

Manage your events

Organize and promote your employee events, fun activities, townhall meetings and trainings. Manage all from registrations to special needs and gather feedback through integrated polls.

Be a part of the community

Not sure you want to join the party? Just check who already registered! Get a great deal of information about locations, seat availability, popularity and topics to help decide what's most interesting for you.

Never stop learning

Build your own agenda from learning sessions, master classes, internal trainings and other offerings your company provides. LiveTiles Reach will automatically notify you if a schedule changes.

LiveTiles Reach Events

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LIVETILES REACH Platform Benefits

All LiveTiles Reach features are independent modules and share a common platform to maximize flexibility and stay open for future extentions. Add the features you like to build the employee app you need and brand it with your Corporate Design.

Compelling user experience

Users familiar with social media apps will embrace LiveTiles Reach very easily, which reduces adoption time and training cost significantly.

Secure and scalable

LiveTiles Reach is ideally suited for large enterprises with high security requirements, runs on Azure in Europe, is GDPR compliant and SSL encrypted.

Ready to run

LiveTiles Reach is a modern SaaS solution. Get up and running within minutes and always stay current with automatic product updates. LiveTiles Reach is available as native Mobile App (iOS and Android) and Web-Client.

Single sign-on

LiveTiles Reach offers Azure AD single sign-on out of the box and allows admins to invite externals with a simple email and manage their accounts in Azure AD B2C.


LiveTiles Reach comes with a mulit-lingual UI and integrated AI translation services based on Azure Cognitive Services to effortlessly translate content in more than 60 languages.


LiveTiles Reach integrates well with Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Teams) and other collaboration platforms, HR systems and more than 1000 other apps through its API or Zapier.

Geo-redundant infrastructure

The flexible infrastructure options allow us to operate LiveTiles Reach worldwide with optimal performance always in close geographical proximity to the customer and at the same time to be able to meet practically any customer requirement regarding local data storage.
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Your branded app

Apply your corporate design in minutes to make LiveTiles Reach your branded app for employee communication, or use our white label option to get your private app with individual logo and name.

Cost advantage

With LiveTiles Reach, you don't need an expensive Office 365 license.

Starting at less than the price for a cup of coffee per user per month.

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LiveTiles Reach
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