ENGAGING Communications

Organizations face an increasing challenge of communicating with their employees in a targeted way. Work in virtual teams in different locations and at different times, linguistic and cultural diversity and increasing mobility require solutions that strengthen engagement,
alignment and identification with the company.


LIveTiles Reach offers a unified platform that reaches all your employees – whether blue collar workers, sales representatives or desk workers.

Drive Business Outcome

There is a clear correlation between employee engagement and productivity. Engaged employess are healthier, perform better and create more value for the company, saving costs and increasing outcome.

LiveTiles Reach Solutions

Maximize Employee Retention

In an increasing competition for talents company values and employee happiness become more important. LiveTiles Reach helps you to create a common spirit and culture, reduce recruiting costs and make key people stay.


REMOTE WORKING Tech Stack Strategy

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ONE APP Many Use Cases

LiveTiles Reach is a perfect employee app for internal communications. But the power of LiveTiles Reach doesn't stop there: LiveTiles Reach is modular – you can switch each module on or off separately and combine them to build many different use cases for mobile communication and social sharing. And the best thing is you only pay for what you need and don’t even require an Office 365 license or an IT specialist for implementation.

Employee App

Modern internal communication has to embrace mobile and social along other channels. LiveTiles Reach ensures everyone can be reached and heard, regardsless of time and location.

Frontdoor Intranet

The versatility of capabilities both for structured and social content make LiveTiles Reach a powerful mobile front-door intranet, connecting users to any corporate resources and content.

HR Portal

Go beyond what corporate intranets can deliver for HR by providing self-service for onboarding, training, policies, handbooks, employee events, polls and forms. With Condense, you get in your employee's pockets.

Freelancers & Contractors

The easiest way to link freelancers or contractors into your company is to give them access to your intranet. LiveTiles Reach is open for external users and makes invitation and user management easy.

Member Communities

Gated communities are often lost in the myriad of social platforms and benefit greatly from the governance and privacy of LiveTiles Reach, all while enjoying the ease-of-use and rich feature set.

Customer Magazine

Keep your customers and partners always up-to-date, push news, collaterals or documentation out to your target groups and receive instant feedback.

Schools & Universities

Set up a vivid communication between teachers, students and parents, announce events and share important information in a dedicated secure app.

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LiveTiles Reach
Employee App

Employee Communication has gone mobile

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