Academy LiveTiles Reach (aka "Condense")


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Quick-Start Guide

This article outlines the most important steps to quickly set up in your new environment to get started.

Reach Microsoft Teams App

In the case you are using MS Teams: LiveTiles Reach can be easily integrated into the Microsoft Teams environment. Through this integration, LiveTiles Reach and Microsoft Teams form a unified environment that is easy and intuitive to use.

Basics and Settings

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up Reach to add value to your business, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and cover numerous use cases.

Content Creation

Create pages, news, posts, surveys and events in Reach. How to enable participant registrations in events.

Content Editor

In this article the creation of content is explained in detail. Get to know and use the content modules. Use the automatic versioning and familiarize yourself with the release process.

Content Translation

This article describes the various options in Reach for capturing and publishing content in multiple languages, or for readers to view it "on-the-fly" in over 35 languages.

Content Settings

Reach allows content to be tagged with keywords so that content on specific topics can be easily found. With Channels, Reach allows users to subscribe to information from a department, branch or specific product areas.

APIs and Integrations

We are constantly working on new integrations and interfaces for Reach to make the app even more valuable and deliver high quality content from as many sources as possible through a single channel. Please check back from time to time to get the latest updates.

Permissions and Groups

Mit der Definition von Gruppen und der Zuweisung von Berechtigungen legen Sie fest, wer auf welche Inhalte zugreifen kann, oder wer welche Rolle im Publikationsprozess hat.


In this article the notification types and settings of Reach are explained in detail.


LiveTiles Reach provides a Reports page where you can view user and news activity.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for administrators, authors and readers - for the optimal Reach user experience.

LiveTiles Reach Release-Notes

The latest Release-Notes for Reach.