ClearBox SharePoint Intranet In-a-Box Buyers Guide Sees MatchPoint Leading

Urs Wermelinger
05.11.19 15:01

In the new version of ClearBox Consulting's comprehensive and renowned SharePoint Intranet in-a-box report, MatchPoint continues to be a leader in "Digital Workplace Integration", "News & Publishing" and "Excellent Mobile Support", confirming its recent award as "Intranet Choice - Digital Workplace 2019" by ClearBox.

"MatchPoint by CYCL AG is an innovative product that integrates the digital workplace across Office 365 and beyond."
ClearBox Consulting,

ClearBox is an independent UK consultancy specialising in the challenges of the digital workplace. ClearBox also publishes the most renowned and comprehensive industry report on intranet in-a-box solutions - now in its 5th edition. In previous years, MatchPoint had already achieved a top position, for example winning the "INTRANET CHOICE - DIGITAL WORKPLACE" Award in both 2018 and 2019.


52 Intranet In-a-box Products Reviewed. 

In the latest issue ClearBox reviewed 30 products in detail and hands-on, 22 other products at a glance. For the first time, SharePoint Online out-of-the-box was also tested and evaluated using the same criteria, allowing a direct comparison of the added value of SharePoint add-ons versus the out-of-the-box capabilities.

MatchPoint is a Leader in Digital Workplace Integration, News & Publishing and Mobile Support.

Eight criteria were evaluated, in two of them MatchPoint occupied the top position (News & Publishing and Digital Workplace Integration) and in three others also a top position with a close to maximum rating (User Experience, Collaboration & Social and Search). Overall a remarkable quality and breadth of rating for MatchPoint like hardly any other turn-key intranet solution.

ClearBox also highlighted the "excellent mobile support", which can be attributed in particular to our considerably enhanced employee app Condense. 

Clearbox also underlines the successful conceptual design of MatchPoint as an intranet and digital workplace hub that ideally integrates data sources beyond Office 365.

The Main Benefits of MatchPoint in ClearBox's Words: 

MatchPoint from CYCL takes an innovative approach to integrating disparate elements of a digital workplace. It will appeal to organisations that use Office 365 in tandem with several non-Microsoft solutions. Data from different sources can be combined through the MatchPoint interface to create user-friendly portals and dashboards. The overall employee experience is pleasant and intuitive, both for end users and administrators.

Key Benefits outlined by the ClearBox Report:
1) The product has the potential to be a true digital workplace hub, extending outside Office 365.
2) The news and content publishing environment is feature-rich and includes excellent mobile support.
3) The product offers good multi-language support, including an automated translation feature.
4) Content can be both pushed and pulled, and is well supported by metadata.

"Employee Engagement" as a Strategic Goal

Among all the evaluated intranet solutions, the report named MatchPoint the leading solution in "News & Publishing", underlining the excellent mobile support. CYCL goes indeed further than other vendors when it comes to foster "Employee Engagement" and recently enhanced its employee app Condense, which is independent of MatchPoint and Office 365. Condense offers a comprehensive set of features to seamlessly engage non-desk workers as well as external employees without laptops or even without corporate email addresses.

MatchPoint Is the Clear Price-Value Leader

ClearBox's price comparison shows that with a state-of-the-art architecture and the consistent use of the advantages of modern cloud platforms, intranet solutions do not have to be expensive. In the new report, MatchPoint again shines with the best price-value ratio across all company sizes.

A Big “Thank You!” to Our Customers, Who Gave Good Testimonials to MatchPoint and CYCL

As part of the report, Clearbox also conducts its own interviews with customers of the vendors. MatchPoint and CYCL were also able to convince here, as the collaboration is described as "excellent", "uncomplicated" and "fast reacting". A customer is also pleased about how CYCL supported him in the initial phase of his project. Clearbox quoted:

Customers describe the product as easy to learn and use. One customer said: “I like the shallow learning curve. Staff were able to pick it up quite quickly with minimal training.” The standalone content editor ‘Condense’ is especially well appreciated for its intuitive user interface.

Working together with CYCL has been reported as a positive experience, the cooperation is described as “excellent”, “uncomplicated” and “fast responding”. One customer is also pleased about how CYCL helped them in the early stages of their project: “Great brainstorming to analyse what set up makes sense for us.

The full report can be purchased on the ClearBox website. ClearBox Consulting, "SHAREPOINT INTRANETS IN-A-BOX - The definitive guide to turnkey solutions", 2019.




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