LiveTiles Reach employee-app geo-distributed infrastructure

Patrick Püntener
09.06.20 13:18

In order to offer our customers the highest level of security, performance and flexibility, our LiveTiles Reach Cloud Service is operated on a globally distributed infrastructure that allows both geo-specific and geo-distributed data storage and automatically ensures that users worldwide can always access the nearest web application - with minimum latency.

With our Livetiles Reach geo-distributed infrastructure, we have reached a new level of customer proximity: The flexible infrastructure options allow us to operate Livetiles Reach worldwide with optimal performance always in close geographical proximity to the customer. At the same time, it allows us to respond to practically any customer request regarding local data storage. If desired, we can also operate Livetiles Reach in the customer's own infrastructure - in their own Azure Tenant or even on-premise.

Patrick Puentener Patrick Püntener 

Livetiles Reach geo-distributed infrastructure

Whether you are a local company with legal requirements for country-specific data storage or a corporate group looking for fast worldwide access: the Livetiles Reach infrastructure meets the highest security and performance requirements. Based on globally distributed Azure resources, our multi-tenant SaaS environment allows practically any scenario to be implemented individually per Livetiles Reach instance and within the shortest possible time:

  • For geo-specific data storage, the Livetiles Reach Cosmos DB Service can be limited to data centers within a Microsoft Azure Geo, whereby the data is always stored in at least two regions for redundancy reasons and data backup. At present, the European and Australian Geos are available. Additional Geos (a total of around 24 distributed across 60 regions in 140 countries, with the exception of the closed Geos China and US Government) can be put into service within days upon request.
  • Regardless of the data storage, a user worldwide is automatically directed to the Livetiles Reach Web App closest to him.
  • For geo-redundant data storage, the Livetiles Reach Cosmos DB Service can be distributed and replicated over several Geos. This means that not only the Web Application but also the data is always close to the user
  • In all cases, independent penetration tests (among others OWASP Top 10) on application level, our GDPR compliance, as well as the numerous certificates of Microsoft (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 27001, FINMA, DoD, FDA, complete list see ensure maximum compliance and security

Here is an overview of the "Azure Geographies" currently available (more information can be found on the Microsoft website): Europe, Australia, Switzerland,  United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Poland, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Africa, Asia Pacific

Azure Regions 2020-1

Single-tenant and on-premise options

The exclusive operation of a single-tenant environment in the customer's own Azure environment with optional setup (geo-specific or geo-distributed) is possible for enterprise customers with 10'000 users or more in each Azure Geo.

For customers who prefer to run Livetiles Reach on-premise, a version based on a Kubernetes Container Cluster is also available for local installation.



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