Condense: New "Social Posts" Feature Adds Bottom-up Communications

Patrick Püntener
28.05.19 11:41

With Release v31 of Condense, which will be available this week, we are introducing a new feature for posting short articles which enables all employees to easily participate in the organizational communication and share and discuss information.

More info in our Release Notes:

Outlook to Release v32 and beyond

Our next release will add “Pages” - a new content type to organize multi-lingual content in page hierarchies that can be easily navigated. Pages will come in handy to publish all kinds of interactive content, such as employee handbooks, manuals, surveys&polls, training videos, policies or guidelines. With Condense Pages, your employees have all important information about your company in their pocket.

The roadmap for the remainder of the year holds additional enhancements like the Azure Active Directory integrated People Directory, which lists all employees with contact information. This People Directory will come with the ability to call someone directly or send an email (Azure AD B2C is also supported). Further plans include the Translation Service, the integrated Polls, the integration of Files (i.e. the ability to provide documents from e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box directly via Condense) and finally the possibility of 1:1 Chats or group chats.

Roadmap Webinar Q1 2019 - Condense Outlook


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