LiveTiles offers instant help to maintain your employee communication during the Coronavirus crisis

Urs Wermelinger
05.03.20 00:30

LiveTiles has a tradition of offering free use of its tools for wellbeing purposes under our LiveSmiles initiative. It is under this heritage that we had to get active to support companies in their challenge to keep up their business in the Coronavirus crisis.

We offer our help and support to organizations in the United States, Europe and Australia to set up mobile communication tools for immediate use. Our team assists affected companies to go live within one day with our employee app Condense und use it until the Coronavirus crisis is over − free of charge.

If you would like to benefit from this offer, please contact us directly or find more information on our website.

Corona 123

CYCL/LiveTiles maintains employee communication during the coronavirus crisis with our employee App Condense

Employee communication in times of the coronavirus

during coronavirus



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