Instant corporate-wide employee communication for M&A with Condense Employee App

Patrick Püntener
25.02.20 08:31

Did you recently merge with another company? Does your company acquire other businesses regularly? Or are you in the middle of landing your digital transformation strategy across your organisation? Then you for sure know the difficulties to getting everybody on the same page and implement a communication channel practically over night that reaches all employees of all involved parties. Your corporate intranet might not be the best solution for this challenge.

Wouldn't it be great to be sure your communication reaches all employees of all your business entities, even if they just recently joined your group or are but loosely coupled, not integrated yet or just a joint-venture? Typically, there are a number of technical hurdles to overcome, the main one being your inability to give users access to your systems before they are part of your global directory (like Microsoft Active Directory). The integration this requires can take from several weeks to months or even over a year, also depending on strategic priorities and in what state the acquired businesses' platforms are.

Practically speaking, if your intranet runs on Microsoft Office 365, you would have to go through an Azure Active Directory  integration project before employees of an acquired business can get easy access to your communications content. Regardless of the time such an undertaking might take, considering this approach has other implications, too. The acquired business most probably run its own intranet on Microsoft SharePoint, full of content that couldn't be migrated in a short time − so you would most likely create redundancy.

A much faster way of doing this that at the same time avoids redundant processes and platforms is to use a communications platform, such as Condense, that

  1. is independent from your intranet
  2. supports multiple user directories

We had the very same challenge within our own organization when merging LiveTiles, CYCL, Wizdom and Hyperfish. Thanks to our Employee App Condense, we had a common communication platform ready literally the same day we merged. All it required was to register our four Azure AD IDs to our common Condense tenant − it was a matter of minutes. Employees downloaded the Condense app, logged in with their respective existing corporate account and off we went.

Condense gave us instant topdown, bottom-up and peer-to-peer communications, knowledge sharing, feedback gathering and event promotion – and last but not least one common people directory with all from email addresses to phone numbers, job titles and office locations (depending on what information you have in stored your Active Directory).

Better Together Webinar LiveTiles Show Case


Connecting multiple Azure Active Directories certainly is the smoothest way to get communications started in Merger & Acquisition scenarios, but even if not all parties use Azure AD you get it done with Condense: with our Microsoft Azure AD B2C integration you can simply invite external users with any email address to give them access. Of course, we support scripted bulk-uploads as well.

Condense automatically takes care of user account creation and reduces account management overhead to a minimum. So however cumbersome your Merger & Acquisition journey might have been in the past, when it comes to comms, consider Condense for an agile, seamless future experience.


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