Transforming the digital employee experience - 10 digital workplace trends for 2020

Patrick Püntener
29.12.19 17:05

During 2020 we expect several digital workplace trends to take
centre stage. Here’s our view of ten of the most important. 

In 2020 a key strategic focus for many businesses and organisations will be to successfully roll-out an effective digital workplace, increasing u ser adoption and driving an overall excellent digital employee experience. 

Organisations now recognise the need to craft a consistent, user-centred and personalized experience of workplace technology that helps employees with their working day while also meeting wider organisational objectives, especially around efficiency and user-engagement. 

The potential provided by tools like Microsoft Teams and solutions that support a more compelling experience overall, present significant opportunities for those leading digital workplace initiatives for them to make a real difference. But the complexity and noise of fragmented digital landscapes and the overwhelming number of tools and applications in use means there are challenges. Meanwhile highly diverse workforces with different needs and preferences now expect an experience that is relevant to them.

This guide details our top ten trends for the digital workplace for 2020. It aims to provide digital workplace leaders with recommendations and talking points to help them plan for 2020 and be in a better position to seize the opportunities and navigate the challenges. The insights are built on our experience working with more than one thousand B2B customers.

  1. The digital workplace is growing in strategic importance
  2. AI and automation are now touching everyday work
  3. Digital workplace access for frontline workers is now business-critical
  4. The best digital workplaces focus on people
  5. HR teams want to transform the employee lifecycle
  6. Employees want one access point for the digital workplace
  7. Community revival: Teams marches on and a new focus on Yammer
  8. The need for governance across the digital workplace becomes a priority
  9. The intranet continues to evolve and redefine itself
  10. Digital literacy continues to unlock the power of the digital workplace

Whether you’re managing a mature digital workplace or want to open conversations with stakeholders, we aim that you find it thought provokingand useful. We’ve also included a more detailed checklist at the end of this report with specific questions to consider.

We believe 2020 is going to be a pivotal and exciting year for the digital workplace and the teams behind them. It will be the year when we witness the rebirth of the intranet as the centre of the intelligent digital workplace, driving business value. 

It’s time to strap yourself in, get ready, and enjoy the ride!

Patrick Püntener

CEO CYCL - a LiveTiles company

10 Digital Workplace Trends

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