MatchPoint Intranet Receives Clearbox Award

Patrick Püntener
26.11.17 19:09

CYCL receives recognition in the new Clearbox "SharePoint Intranet-in-a-box" report: MatchPoint wins Clearbox's "Intranet Choice - Multinational Companies 2018" award.

After the early Gartner Cool Vendor award, the Nielsen Norman Design Annunal and two Intra.Net awards in a row, MatchPoint now also receives an award in the latest issue of the highly acclaimed Clearbox Report. Clearbox Intranet Choice AwardThis report has been published in The new intranet has established itself in various European countries as a good decision-making basis for the choice of a new intranet - as is the case in Switzerland. It examines the various aspects and evaluates the products on the basis of typical requirements that an intranet must meet today.

Although we emphasise that there is no single ‘best’ product and that buyers should make their own decision, we also get asked a lot about who we regularly see shortlisted. Given we do make critical evaluations, we can’t deny that some products come out looking better than others.

— Sam Marshall - Director, Clearbox Consulting Ltd

CYCL is particularly pleased about this award because it was given for the category "Multinational Companies". It underscores MatchPoint's suitability for large organizations where scalability, information governance, excellent search, an end-to-end multilingual user interface, or end-to-end blockchain integration are key criteria.


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