The new Reach MS Teams Employee App - Get Corporate News out of the MS Teams silos!

Urs Wermelinger
08.09.20 18:23

NEW: LiveTiles Reach MS Teams App

Mobilize your Teams with internal comms in MS Teams

Our employee app LiveTiles Reach is now also available as MS Teams App. Never before has it been so easy to seamlessly integrate targeted internal communication into Microsoft Teams.

LiveTiles Reach Employee App

For more and more users, Microsoft Teams is becoming the part of the digital workplace where they do most of their work. Thus, it is all the more important that relevant company news reaches all employees directly in Microsoft Teams. That is why we now offer our employee app LiveTiles Reach as Microsoft Teams app.

Overcome the communication silos of countless MS Team channels

Microsoft Teams has established itself as the collaboration standard app and redefined digital collaboration for project-based teams. However, many marketing communication and HR managers have painfully realized that Microsoft Teams was not designed for targeted corporate communication to the entire workforce!


In fact, the extensive use of Microsoft Teams creates new communication silos that are hidden in numerous teams and channels. Our employee app LiveTiles Reach addresses this problem by seamlessly integrating internal corporate communications with Microsoft Teams: Communicators can create messages directly within Microsoft Teams and target specific user groups or all employees; employees no longer need to leave the Teams environment for corporate updates:

  • LiveTiles Reach App for MS Teams allows users to read and comment on internal company news directly in MS Teams..
  • Authors also no longer need to leave MS Teams, and can create and publish carefully designed articles directly in MS Teams and distribute them to specific target groups.
  • Don't miss out on anything with integrated push notifications: Employees can choose whether they want to be alerted by push notifications on their smartphone, via email or even via team notifications.
  • Communication that reaches people: Whether your users view company updates directly in Teams on their laptops, open them in the Teams Client on their smartphones or outside of the Teams Client: Marketing Communications Managers, HR Managers or CEOs can be sure that their messages will arrive and be read.

Test now: LiveTiles Reach is ready to use in no time: Install Reach for Microsoft Teams, create a free Reach subscription and get started - without any IT footprint.


Would you like to learn more about Internal Corporate Communication with LiveTiles Reach for Microsoft Teams?

  • More information and step-by-step installation instructions can be found on our Website.
  • Book an online appointment with one of our experts!


Enjoy testing LiveTiles Reach for Microsoft Teams!

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