Better Together - Our New Product Lineup: Webinar On-Demand

Patrick Püntener
29.01.20 11:09

Learn how LiveTiles, Wizdom and CYCL found each other and merged to become the global leader in digital workplace software.

Once upon a time, two recently graduated students from Basel started a business to match people with information. A little up north, two other guys were already busy with similar ideas. Two decades later, two Aussies with an almost identical story went out to search for great companies with great products and great talent, because they had a vision − that's when LiveTiles, Wizdom and CYCL became one.

Let us tell you our story and share our "better together" vision

Learn where we come from and how our path to intelligent transformation helps organizations to ensure their present and future employees have the tools they need to get the job done.


With the acquisitions of Hyperfish, Wizdom and CYCL, LiveTiles is now the largest global digital workplace provider and the only one addressing the needs of organizations of all sizes and workstyles with a modular product and customer success offering.

In this webinar, you will not only learn how each of our products offers unique ways to support different digital workplace strategies, but also how LiveTiles customers benefit from our common set of back-end services, such as our AI-powered employee directory Hyperfish (now referred to as our Employee Directory Robot and Org Chart), our bots framework and intelligent analytics, content management, provisioning and governance services as well as our brand-new enterprise graph. Last but not least, we give you an insight in how our globally distributed customer success teams work hand in hand with our partner network to cover all aspects across the digital workplace and ensure a great experience with our products.

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Patrick Püntener, CEO CYCL
Dan Diefendorf, President LiveTiles

Language: English

CYCL LiveTiles Product Roadmap Webinar

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