One vision, one direction: why it’s time to unite our products and experiences under one LiveTiles brand

Karl Redenbach
30.06.20 17:19

As we prepare to enter a new financial year, we wanted to share our focus for the path ahead.

Our vision at LiveTiles is to revolutionise the way humans interact with technology, and the way in which technology interacts with humans. To progress towards that vision, our purpose is to focus on simplifying the complex by designing solutions that focus on the human experience that gives everyone the ability to thrive. We believe that the world is a better place when people are free to do their best work.

With that vision and purpose in mind, we founded LiveTiles and started with a seemingly simple proposition to develop intranet software into something more beautiful and fun to engage with.


Since our first customer in 2015, our team has been working hard to progress against our vision and purpose with increasingly personalised experiences for people at work. Recent COVID-19 events have redefined for many of us what and where work entails and has provided additional meaning to our vision and purpose. Our team is hugely energised with the opportunity to help customers, supporting their employees to communicate and collaborate in the new world of remote and work from home productivity.

After the initial adrenaline surge, we also spent a heavy amount of time taking feedback and input from across our network, including our internal teams from around the world, founders from Wizdom, Hyperfish and CYCL, our customer advisory groups, partners, our Board and, most importantly, our customers.

We had commenced our integration and simplification work in 2019, and the temptation was high to defer until things became “normal” again. Instead, we reached a different conclusion, that it was critical for us to simplify our brand and product story for a range of stakeholders, and that it absolutely could not wait.

Our Brand and Product History

Since launching LiveTiles with our Page Designer product some five years ago, we have come a long way. The portfolio has changed significantly over those years, with:

  • Multiple versions of Page Designer, including SharePoint and Cloud versions;
  • The addition of Intelligence and Bots through internal R&D and product development;
  • The acquisition of Hyperfish in 2018;
  • The acquisition of Wizdom and its accompanying PowerPanel feature in March 2019;
  • The acquisition of CYCL in December 2019, including MatchPoint and Condense; and
  • The addition of software support services and related services to support customers build incredible digital workplaces.

Taken together, we have made great progress, and that requires some realignment along the way. However, the singular LiveTiles visions and purpose remains untouched, and we are thrilled a number of founders and partners have chosen to align their businesses with LiveTiles.

We are encouraged by the support of our teams worldwide as we move to simplify and realign our branding.

These are the key principles of simplifying our brand and product portfolio into a “branded house” versus a “house of brands”:

Pillar 1: LiveTiles Expertise

This is the combination of our professional services, consulting, and customer support expertise – the human touch helping customers to bring our platforms alive.

Pillar 2: LiveTiles Products

We have grouped our technology capabilities under four connected products, where customers can choose one or more products (and their modules) to build their digital workplace. A key element of each product is that they contain what we call “intelligent experiences”, where employees have data and notifications surfaced to them in a way that supports their context – in the office, mobile, late at night, the software applications they like to use. To achieve this, other key attributes include the products being highly data-driven, with the use of our AI investment alongside Microsoft, low-touch, modular and secure.

  • LiveTiles Intranet – as of July 1st, we are uniting Wizdom, MatchPoint and Page Designer branding under the same LiveTiles umbrella. Whilst all of our customers can be assured that there will be no disruptions to their existing intranet service, the benefits of consolidating the effort behind these platforms will mean greater innovation and a richer roadmap for everyone.

  • LiveTiles Reach – Formerly known as “Condense”, LiveTiles Reach is our employee app designed to reach, engage and align all employees, including frontline workers and third-party stakeholders. Reach has been produced based on emerging market demands for light-weight deployments with a sharp focus on connecting and communicating with employees, particularly in industries that have significant remote and casual employee bases, such as retail, health and manufacturing. IMAGE: LiveTiles Reach Solution

  • LiveTiles Everywhere – The Everywhere assistant panel (formerly known as Power Panel) is an experience that can sit alongside other applications. It can be used within apps such as Microsoft Teams, and is aimed at connecting people wherever they prefer to work. Everywhere accompanies users wherever they are, or whatever application they are using, or whenever it’s required, to provide personalized information and data relevant to them and their role. The power of a modern intranet experience with a sleek taskbar giving fingertip access to alerts from your organization’s internal communications, your recent documents, frequently used apps for booking travel, purchasing, sales reports and more.
  • LiveTiles Quantum – Intelligence, Assistance, Insights. This platform helps organizations to optimize their digital workplace by connecting data from multiple applications, through the application of AI. This extends far beyond the modern intranet. Drive your entire workplace experience by data, context and user behaviour, intelligent employee profiling and business modelling. Provide automation and support to facilitate daily routines and make your employees more productive. Get actionable insights into how your solutions are being used and make data driven decisions to improve user experiences and content. Quantum includes as modules some of our existing products such as Directory (formerly Hyperfish), Analytics (formerly Intelligence), and Bots, and will also include some soon-to-be-released technology that has either been developed based on customer demand or as part of recent acquisition strategies.

Pillar 3: LiveTiles Solutions

  • This is the aggregation of our capability, our concept of the Intelligent Workplace Solution, tailored and applied to enhance outcomes for specific customer sectors and operating functions, extended through technology partnerships.

The Journey Towards an Increasingly Intelligent and Productive Future

Recently, the technology research and advisory firm, Gartner, proclaimed the death of the traditional intranet, noting that “the modern intranet both consumes and produces services – it isn’t just a website… The modern intranet should go well beyond basic content management into collaboration, social interaction, application delivery, employee communications, mobile support, and applied artificial intelligence.”

Our vision for LiveTiles is deliberately long-term in nature and we look forward to continuing to pursue a bold, but long-term strategy.

We are extremely grateful to all of our customers and partners for their ongoing support and interest in LiveTiles.

Karl Redenbach
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Peter Nguyen-Brown
Chief Experience Officer & Co-founder

LiveTiles Technology Roadmap

In case you want to get a first impression of the LiveTiles Technology Roadmap: As part of our LiveTilesX online customer events, our Chief Product Office Simon Tyrrell has given some exclusive insight: Start recording here!


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