Microsoft Teams Telehealth Support Program

Urs Wermelinger
05.04.20 12:34

Get your healthcare practice up and running for video consultations with patients using the world’s leading video calling and collaboration platform. 

Microsoft Teams has become the go-to solution for practices needing to normalise the shift to working and consulting remotely. 


LiveTiles and CYCL understand the need for urgent deployment of healthcare collaboration software to the remote workforce and has years of experience as both a premier Microsoft partner and specialist in this category. Our global team of experts have the tools and know-how to accelerate this and have you up and running in a few days. 

Simple steps to get started − fast but secure

Microsoft has introduced technology to empower care teams, improve clinical and operational outcomes and advance precision healthcare, with a core focus on patient privacy. Leveraging Microsoft 365 tools optimized for healthcare enables secure messaging and collaboration that allows healthcare providers to deliver better patient experiences, insights and care.

  • Ensure your organization, care-takers and doctors are running up-to-date tools: Windows 10 is adding state-of-the art security options, and ensure modern tele-medicine works out of the box when needed. Connected to Microsoft 365 cloud services you can rely on the most reliable and secure platform and can concentrate on your work with patients.
  • Empower your health organization with secure messaging: A priority notification feature in Teams alerts recipients of an urgent message on their mobile and desktop devices until a response is received, every two minutes for up to 20 minutes. Furthermore, message delegation enables clinical staff members to delegate their messages to another recipient when they are in surgery or otherwise unavailable.

  • Securely connect data and imaging for better outcomes: Microsoft has added secure messaging capabilities to Teams, including priority notifications and message delegation, as well as a smart camera with image annotation and secure sharing, so images stay in Teams and are not auto-stored to the care providers’ devices.
  • AI powered tools: The Microsoft Healthcare Bot service empowers healthcare organizations to build and deploy compliant, AI-powered virtual health assistants and chatbots and includes important features like healthcare intelligence, medical content and terminology, and a built-in symptom checker. It is fully extensible to help organizations adjust the bot to solve their own business problems, and can connect to health systems.

Microsoft Teams Case Study


The world's most secure and trusted platform

As a premier Microsoft technology partner, CYCL has been at the forefront of secure collaboration for years. The Telehealth with Microsoft Teams Support Program enables healthcare professionals to consult, shedule and collaborate securely with their allied health professionals and patients.

We're here to help today

With an experienced team of experts we can ensure rapid Microsoft Teams set-up and ongoing 24/7 support.   

You will also receive a number of other benefits such as live remote and on-demand training, tips and tricks videos, templated configurations and our Teams Planning App free. 

As a premier Microsoft partner, we provide collaborative workplace services and software in 39 countries

Since 2016, we have been working closely with Microsoft since the launch of Teams in 2017. Our acceleration program is driven by a globally distributed team of experts who consult to Microsoft personnel and our customer and partner network in 39 countries. – Karl Redenbach, LiveTiles CEO and Co-Founder

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