CYCL wins University Hospital Zürich Intranet with MatchPoint

Patrick Püntener
21.10.19 15:10

CYCL wins the tender for the new Intranet of the University Hospital Zurich (USZ).

CYCL wins the tender for the new intranet of the University Hospital Zurich (USZ). The new intranet is based on SharePoint 2019 and includes the MatchPoint intranet with the employee communication solution Condense..

The current version of the University Hospital Zurich intranet solution is based on SharePoint 2010 and already uses MatchPoint 3.0, a solution from CYCL. The intranet of the USZ is to be completely renewed with a new solution, both technically and conceptually.

The University Hospital Zurich (USZ)

The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland. Every year around 42,000 in-patients are treated and around 600,000 out-patient visits are recorded. 43 clinics and institutes offer basic medical care and cutting-edge medicine. More than 8200 employees from 90 nations work at the USZ. These include around 1,500 doctors, around 2,600 nurses and 900 medical-therapeutic and medical-technical staff.

In addition, there are about 2000 employees in non-medical professions (e.g. in support areas such as finance, IT, facility management and gastronomy). A total of 120 professions are represented in over 500 functions, and the company is already spread across several locations. The intranet is the only central communication and information platform throughout the entire company.

Adapting the intranet to today's requirements

Since the current solution (based on SharePoint 2010) could no longer meet today's requirements for the overall user experience, functional scope, maintenance effort and security, the USZ put the replacement/redesign out to public tender. 
CYCL won the tender with MatchPoint based on SharePoint 2019 and will be able to start the project this calendar year. 
Essential aspects for the redesign of the USZ Intranet are today's increased expectations for a modern digital workplace: integration of business apps, embedding of administrative processes (forms, workflows), access to "implicit" knowledge ( networks, context), employee communication, CEO chats and social media embedding. All this can be used by employees with PC or mobile devices. 

MatchPoint Intranet from CYCL based on SharePoint 2019

After CYCL was already entrusted with delivering the intranet solution that is still in operation, we are of course very pleased to be able to provide MatchPoint (intranet turnkey solution) and Condense (editorial environment, mobile employee communication) for the follow-up solution/tendering.
With the new intranet, the essential basis for the exchange of information and knowledge as well as for cooperation between employees and external parties is to be established in the form of a hub, so that they can carry out their work with coordinated information systems and under the best possible conditions.



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