Project Collaboration and Portfolio Management at Glatt

Patrick Püntener
19.04.17 13:54

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Glatt, a 1200 employees expert in process and plant engineering with 8 subsidiaries in different countries. With a unified SharePoint project platform based on MatchPoint, Glatt replaced a row of isolated data silos previously needed in various involved business units and therefore considerably increased sales efficiency.

We had the challenge to deliver a solution that was both efficient for our company and transparent for our customers. Thanks to MatchPoint and the solid work of our implementation partner we have achieved both goals.

— Dirk Sütterlin, Head of IT, Glatt

Unified collaboration was the promise, better quality and user productivity the result. A typical requirement, namely the management of plant documentations from the first sales contacts throughout the whole plant lifecycle, was met by adopting a case-based approach where all related information can be aggregated into a dashboard-like view and directly administered from there. Users don’t have to switch systems anymore, need less time to find information and can spend more for value-adding tasks.

"In sales, during the construction of our plants and finally in their maintenance, different user groups are involved. Before we started our consolidation project, each group had its individual document filing system. But as company lacked a comprehensive search, it was hardly possible to get a coherent picture across a whole plant. We were faced with the great challenge of developing a solution, on the one hand to protect the interests of the company - and ultimately our customers - about the transparency of the whole process, and on the other hand to offer an improvement for the individual user groups. Thanks to the good collaboration with our IT partner in the planning and design phase and later during the implementation, we have managed to master this challenge." says Dirk Sütterlin, Head of IT at Glatt.

Main goal: customer satisfaction

Glatt GmbH Process Technology has been active for more than 50 years in the sector of process engineering and in the construction of plants for the pharmaceutical industry. Glatt was looking for an alternative to the file server for the storage of plant documentation. Together with their IT partner, they designed a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and MatchPoint. Since the solution is productive, the sales efficiency at Glatt has been increased significantly by the support of a largely automated system, and relevant information about a plant can now be searched and found based on various angles of view.

For Glatt, with its 1200 employees on 8 sites, the main goal is a high customer satisfaction. After commissioning, the plants will be maintained, expanded or modified over years by Glatt. Both for sales as well as for project management, it is therefore very important that all relevant information from these plants always is available and current.

Replace the File Server

In the past, the specification of a plant is described in a proprietary configuration system developed by Glatt and stored in a database that contains information about customers, the project and the plant. Additional documentation about the plant, from the sales phase over the entire life cycle of the plant was stored on various file shares and thus difficult to find. Glatt was looking for an alternative for the file server. The new platform should be easy to use for people who create and save documents as well as for those who are looking for information. The existing plant information contained in the configuration system should be used to identify the documents, if possible without entering information multiple times. The search should be efficient and enable queries from multiple perspectives (equipment, components,
customers, projects, etc.) After the evaluation phase, Glatt decided to go with a solution based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and MatchPoint. Microsoft SharePoint is a perfect platform to store Office documents, thanks to seamless office integration. Thanks to MatchPoint, a big part of the specific requirements of Glatt could be implemented with configuration (without custom development), for example an easy-to-use form to create project workspaces including a standardized filing structure and role-based access permissions, or the automatic indexing of documents.

Reduced redundancies and fewer sources of error

Based on the MatchPoint framework, an integration to the existing configuration system was developed as well. Changes in the configuration system are now automatically reflected in the document repository so that the information about the plants in SharePoint always match those in the configuration system. Thanks to the filing of documents in SharePoint, and thanks to the automatic indexing of these documents with metadata, redundancies and thus sources of error for the processing of customer requests, are significantly minimized compared to the former solution based on departmental file shares.

Thanks to the new SharePoint/MatchPoint platform, Glatt is now even closer to their initially mentioned goal, because sales people can get complete information on customers and its plants. Furthermore, the efficiency when creating document repositories for new plants could be considerably increased, since already existing information from the configuration system does not need to be entered again.

Disclaimer: The validity of this content, in particular quotations, named persons, screenshots and diagrams, which serve purely illustrative purposes, refers to the time of its publication. The described solution may have been further developed or modified since then.