Graubündner Kantonalbank: From Information to Collaboration

Patrick Püntener
28.04.18 15:35

In the age of social media, traditional intranets can't meet todays user requirements anymore. That is why Graubündner Kantonalbank decided to combine standard and individual software into one single platform.

Graubündner Kantonalbank wanted to be able to implement electronic workflows in-house and to support their employees and banking experts to collaborate efficently on projects and documents.

— Dominique Hügli, Senior Manager , Elca

The intranet is the main platform of the virutal workplace - it is the foundation for internal communications, the place to store and exchange knowledge and supports employees in executing their tasks. To accomplish this, a more sophisticated technology than a static web page is needed. For example, tools for video conferencing and messaging, team rooms and forums and the possibility to work simultaneously at the same document with other people from different locations need to be provided.

In general, intranets lag behind these developments. Todays internet reality with Dropbox, Facebook and the like can rarely be matched within the organization.

Supporting collaborative processes

What organizations are looking for, is a strategic approach to actively provide an integrated, intuitive collaboration platform to the employees. This was the case at Graubündner Kantonalbank as well, still running a Lotus Notes platform that could not meet usability and functional requirements anymore. The management was looking for a new solution for approximately 1'000 users in 66 locations, able to support their strategic goals:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Optimize work and approval processes
  3. Strengthen collaboration and knowledge management
  4. Provide self-service workflows
  5. Support the execution of the company strategy

The new intranet at Graubündner Kantonalbank builds on a modular architecture. For example, product pages help customer service reps to manage their products on their own. Searching for content and people received a major improvement, which makes it easy to quickly find information and knowledge. Within 16 months, the new intranet was built by our implementation partner Elca, based on SharePoint, MatchPoint and Nintex.

Work processes such as expense reporting have been implemented using workflows. Even less standardized processes such as ideas management or professional development are now electronically supported.

Each employee has access to a personal cockpit, showing current status of all running processes the employee is involved, indicating where action is required. Graubündner Kantonalbank has been enabled by Elca to implement further workflows in-house. More than 100 workflows have been developed and implemented during the project.

Useful functionality at reasonable cost

A user-friendly navigation, a fast, functional search and a low TCO were important for Graubündner Kantonalbank. With MatchPoint, all three requirements could be met: users navigate and find information faster than before and even the management and maintenance of content is much more efficient. At the same time, IT was able to in-source more competencies, to make their processes more agile and saves on maintenance and further development of the platform.

MatchPoint Partner: Elca, Switzerland

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