Document Management at Schwab-Guillod

Patrick Püntener
29.04.17 14:40

Schwab-Guillod is a leading Swiss processor and marketer of vegetables, fruits and convenience products. In daily business, large amounts of paper documents occur and represent an increasing challenge to efficient workflows.

The future lies in digitalization

The main focus of the project is the implementation of a flexible, scalable document management (DMS) and archiving platform based on SharePoint. The MatchPoint Framework extends the document management, metadata management and search capabilities of the SharePoint platform and has been chosen to reduce development time and cost.

MatchPoint enabled us to deliver an end-to-end solution with a minimum of custom code.
— Bernhard Wyss, Leiter Marketing, Senior Consultant, Nexplore

MatchPoint partner Nexplore introduces the solution in stages. In a first phase, the processes for accounts payable and receivable are implemented. Incoming paper documents are centrally scanned, validated and moved to the digital repository. The integration of Dynamics NAV, which is the ERP solution used by Schwab-Guillod, enables the customer to define signature workflows in order to approve creditor invoices electronically. The various process steps are automatically documented and the documentation is stored as versioned, auto-tagged documents in the document management part of the solution. Thus, the digitized cases are legally compliant and traceable.

Because of the visionary solution concept, Schwab-Guillod could already extend the platform to further business areas, such as disposition, producer and customs documents, as well as in human resources to implement a digital personnel file.

Key facts

  • 3 department scanners are used for capturing
  • More than 10’000 documents are scanned per month
  • About 0.5 Mio. documents are stored in the archive per year
  • More than 40 employees are involved in the process


  • Massive reduction of paper documents and archive space
  • More agile, more transparent and faster processes
  • Easy to find documents using metadata filtering or connected cases in the ERP
  • Efficient document archiving
  • Approved by external auditing agency

MatchPoint Partner: Nexplore, Switzerland

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