Sulzer Plaza - The Global Information Hub

Urs Wermelinger
13.04.17 14:37

Sulzer serves a wide range of industries and businesses with a diverse portfolio of products and services. The introduction of digital services is steadily increasing pressure on business. As a result employees need to be able to find, filter, retrieve and update data faster than ever before.

To strengthen collaboration within the organization and to remove information barriers, the management team at Sulzer decided to consolidate several divisional intranets into a global information hub with a single access point.

MatchPoint was chosen because it provides a modern communication and collaboration hub which can turn publishing content, documents, social and business applications into a unified Digital Workplace. This can all be achieved Out-of-the-box.
Susanne Oettli, E-Communications Manager, Sulzer


A people-centric workplace to increase efficiency

Sulzer wanted the Digital Workplace to be tailored to employee’s specific needs. A survey and estimation of the time wasted by employees searching for information in multiple, isolated silos made it clear that a more efficient way of working was required, taking into account:

  • The need to reduce the time required to find information
  • The need to facilitate networking
  • The need to support finding and interaction with experts
  • The need to reduce the time taken to access role specific processes and applications

Integrated information hub for communication and collaboration

It was important that the Digital Workplace became an integrated single point of access for relevant information and tools and was able to enable support for a wide range of tasks. A major objective for Sulzer was to enable people to connect and exchange information and knowledge through the new collaboration opportunities delivered by the Digital Workplace. This was achieved by:

  • Increasing the opportunities for two way communication
  • Establishing a variety of communities
  • Sharing best practices across the organization
  • Enabling new and alternative ways for employees to work together

The right tool for the job, implemented in an agile way

With an expectation that the Digital Workplace would be interactive it was important to understand the individual needs of Sulzer employees and to consolidate similarities into a list of business requirements. The technology evaluation was based on the premises that SharePoint already was used in house, but Sulzer needed a standard out-of-the-box solution to enable fast and effective implementation. MatchPoint together with MatchPoint Snow answered 10 out of 11 use cases.

“MatchPoint Snow was chosen because it provides a modern communication and collaboration hub which can turn publishing content, documents, social and business applications into a unified Digital Workplace. This can all be achieved Out-of-the-box.” says Susanne Oettli, E-Communications Manager, Sulzer

MatchPoint Snow allowed the project team to use an ultra-agile approach to the creation of Sulzer’s new Digital Workplace. The solution maintains a focus on business target groups and provides a method for addressing business challenges through know-how and technology; ultimately enhancing company effectiveness. The estimated reduction in development costs compared to a traditional SharePoint intranet build is in the region of 50%. In addition the time elapsed between implementation kick-off and go-live was just 3 months.

Two keys to success: global taxonomy and intuitive authoring tools

Based on the MatchPoint Framework, Sulzer defined a new taxonomy which enabled the display of content in the correct context. The taxonomy was important to support high quality, value added, re-usable content libraries, dynamic linking and referencing of content based on metadata, as well as the maintenance of content accuracy and consistency throughout its life span. The Newsroom component of the Digital Workplace allows authors to create, target and publish news to a range of channels. It supports all of the news production and publishing process, providing all of the tools required by the communications teams. Official News items are identified and fed directly into the Digital Workplace in real time alongside relevant social content. This makes content interesting and personalized to each individual user, which contributes to a lively, attractive intranet.

After “go-live” the new Digital workplace received a better than expected adoption rate with most employees being on-boarded fast. Overall, the solution helped Sulzer to enable:

  • More effective decision making
  • Reduced duplication of work and information
  • Reduction in the number of similar systems
  • Reduction in the number of emails
  • Minimizing of paperwork

Disclaimer: The validity of this content, in particular quotations, named persons, screenshots and diagrams, which serve purely illustrative purposes, refers to the time of its publication. The described solution may have been further developed or modified since then.