Advanced language settings

Alexander Halder
Jun 15, 2020 8:51:44 AM

Version 38.1.10
15th of June 2020

Advanced language settings
Users can now select their preferred content language and preferred interface language separately. For example, it is possible to have the user interface in English and the content in German. There are over 60 content languages available.

Automatic translation of posts and post comments

Now you can have posts and post comments automatically translated depending on the setting of the content language. For example, if you have defined English as the content language and a post is written in German, it can be automatically translated with a single click.

Improvements in the group configuration
It is now possible to translate the names of the groups and to adjust the order of the groups. This sequence is then transferred to the Condense navigation.

Group posts
If you want to use posts for groups, this is now easily possible. Just enable/disable the posts function in the group. For example, this allows you to communicate via posts within the management or other teams.

Navigation of Channels
Users can now choose which subscribed channels to display in the navigation and which not.

New overview in Pages
All main pages are now displayed in one overview page.

Web: 38.1.17 (43753-production)
API: 38.1.13 (43751-production)

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