Hashtags in Posts

Alexander Halder
May 20, 2020 11:20:29 AM

Version 37.1.3
18th of Mai 2020

Hashtags in Posts
It is now possible to use hashtags with the format #Hashtag in posts. By clicking on a hashtag, all posts containing the hashtag will be opened automatically. 
Mentions of users in posts
Mentions of users in posts and comments can be clicked and all information about these users are displayed.

Keywords & Channels
Channels and keywords can now be clicked directly in the detail area of a news article, a page and an event. This activates the filter function and displays all content in the same channel and with the same keyword.

New Analytics feature
With every new Condense subscription, the new Reports page is now activated, which displays information about user activity and news. The old reports have been removed. 
For example how many users are active, which languages and which platforms are used.

As well an overview of the published news articles and the number of readers.

Web: 37.1.3 (42164-production)
API: 37.1.2 (42153-production)

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