New functions for images in news, events and pages

Alexander Halder
Sep 16, 2020 1:57:02 PM

Version 39.1.69
16th of September 2020

Canva is now integrated into Reach
With Canva you can create custom images and banners. Through the integration in Reach, these can be displayed as a banner image or as images in the body of News articles, Events or Pages


Font and background colors in tables
The font and background color in tables can now be edited. A line break in a cell is also possible with Shift+Enter.

Images in the body of News, Events and Pages can be edited
The size of images can be edited with the arrows on the side of an image. The image can now also be cropped by clicking on the edit icon.
Images can be copied from a source like a website and then pasted directly into the body of a News article, Event or a Page.

Web Hooks improvements
Web Hooks are usually used in conjunction with third-party applications for automation, such as Microsoft Flow. URL's can be specified here, which are called up during an action such as publishing News and Events and registering users. These actions can now be tested.

Web: 39.1.69 (48555-production)
API: 39.1.49 (48557-production)

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