Notification settings for posts and post groups

Alexander Halder
Jul 23, 2020 10:16:55 AM

Version 39.1.3
23th of July 2020

Notification settings for posts / post groups
Specific notification settings can now be defined per post group. Via the icon with the bell you can define if you will be notified for every new post in the group (Get notified about new posts) and/or if you will be notified for all comments of the posts (Follow all posts by default)

You can also override these settings by activating/deactivating the "bell" symbol on a post.

Indication for unread comments
News, events and pages with unread comments are now highlighted and therefore more visible.

Also posts with new comments are marked and displayed at the top of the list.

New design of channels and keywords
The design of channels and keywords has been unified and can be selected in the overviews to filter them. Channels are displayed as "bubbles" and keywords are underlined.

Web: 39.1.3 (46186-production)
API: 39.1.2 (46184-production)

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