Public Access

Alexander Halder
Jan 12, 2021 10:52:05 AM

Version 40.0.62
12th of January 2022

Public Access
It is now possible to make content like news, posts, pages and events available to the public. Via groups, the public access can be activated and content which is created in such a group is then available without user login. 
This feature is not generally enabled at this time. Please let us know if you want to use this feature.

LiveTiles Reach Teams App Notifications
Users of the LiveTiles Reach Teams app now have the option to enable notifications in Microsoft Teams. The notifications can be configured in the user profile. For notifications to work, an administrator has to give consent once. Note: As of today, notifications do not yet work with the official app. Contact us if you would like to use the custom App.

Comment function was extended
LiveTiles Reach now allows you to add file attachments when commenting on news, events and pages. It is also possible to use emojis (this also applies to posts, of course).

Supported languages extended
The list of supported languages for automatic translation has been extended.

Search and filter options in groups
A search function has been added in Settings > Groups. You can also filter by groups with the posts function enabled. A compact view is now also available. These new functions provide a better overview for customers with many groups..

Web: 40.0.62 (55062-production)
API: 40.0.44 (55083-production)

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