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Can Teams replace your Intranet Whitepaper

Can Teams replace your Intranet?

How to achieve maximum engagement and collaboration in the digital workplace.


The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms,
Q2 2020

The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up.

We are delighted to be identified as one of the strong performers in the intranet category with the third highest score in the market presence category.

EBookd Remote Working Tech Stack Strategy

Remote Working Tech Stack Strategy - 7 Wise Moves

As technology changes the way we work, workplace culture has entered a state of flux. In the context of increasing remote working infrastructure and capability, how do our IT and technology teams collaborate with colleagues to understand the drivers of omni-geographic working?


Transforming the digital employee experience - 2020 digital workplace trends

The digital workplace trends we expect to see in 2020 have their roots in 8 deeper, long-term “mega-trends” that have been impacting workplace technology for several years.

During 2020 we expect several digital workplace trends to take centre stage. Here’s our view of ten of the most important.

MatchPoint 5 Factors for a modern Intranet your employees wil actually use

5 Factors for a Modern Intranet Your Employees Will Actually Use

The goal of a Modern Intranet is to provide your employees with relevant and timely information, as well as the right tools to collaborate and communicate. Improve your corporate culture and deliver business efficiencies by supporting and simplifying their daily tasks.

Condense Product Sheet

CONDENSE Employee App
Product Sheet

Condense is the mobile communication app designed to live up to your vision and goals regarding employee engagement, user adoption, enterprise grade connectivity and security. 

MatchPoint Product Sheet

MATCHPOINT Product Sheet

MatchPoint is the leading intranet solution for SharePoint and Office 365. It provides easy access to your digital content across your communication and collaboration tools, saves time and makes you more productive. One place to get work done, stay informed, and quickly find people, information and expertise.

6 Tips how to rethink_internal_communications


In times of transformation, internal communication is the glue that holds companies together. No wonder, then, that the importance of internal communication and the number of employees involved is constantly growing.

MatchPoint Sustainability Statement

MATCHPOINT Sustainability Statement

CYCL has been recognized for its outstanding completeness of vision, the wide range of features and an excellent cost-benefit ratio with the Gartner Cool Vendor Award, the Nielsen Normen NN/g Intranet Design Annual, several Intra.Net Awards as well as an award in the Clearbox Report 2018 and 2019.

MatchPoint Whitepaper Multi-Tenant Concept

MATCHPOINT Whitepaper Multi-Tenant Concept

Modern intranet concepts rely on multi-tenant capability as a central requirement for the platform. MatchPoint for Office 365 offers these possibilities, allowing intelligent intranet concepts with standalone subintranets that simultaneously benefit from centrally managed elements for branding, navigation and governance.

MatchPoint Enterprise Graph

MATCHPOINT Enterprise Graph Product Sheet

Connecting information and creating context across all cloud systems: Enterprises use multiple cloud systems that store information in silos. MatchPoint Enterprise Graph offers functionality to create context across systems to improve search experiences, increase information quality, creating new possibilities around governance, processes and analytics.

MatchPoint Architechture Security WhitePaper

MATCHPOINT FOR OFFICE 365 Architecture & Security Whitepaper

For us as a software and SaaS company, information security is an important aspect of our own development processes and the information architecture of our applications. On the following pages you will find a summary of the operational and technical measures taken by CYCL with regard to information security.

Condense Security and Architecture Whitepaper

CONDENSE Security & Architecture Whitepaper

For us as a software and SaaS company, information security is an important aspect of our own development processes and the information architecture of our applications. This Whitepaper describes the operational and technical measures taken by CYCL regarding information security.

Condense Authoring Workbench for MatchPoint

CONDENSE Authoring Workbench for MatchPoint

Condense is a cloud service and enables companies to communicate important information in a targeted manner, to engage employees and increase involvement an identification with the company strategy and values. Condense is your “Pocket Intranet” or “Mobile Intranet” – your mobile communication platform that offers content authoring & publishing, a native employee app for iOS and Android, seamless integration with MatchPoint Hub and SharePoint/Office 365, and
enterprise-class connectivity and security.