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Condense for MS Teams can be used free of charge for Condense subscriptions. Install the MS Teams App directly from MS Teams and get started. If you do not have a Condense subscription yet, you can create a new subscription directly in the MS Teams App.

Condense is free of charge up to 20 users. If your user base is larger than 20 users, you can still try Condense for free. Just click on the "BOOK DEMO" button and we will prepare everything for you and arrange a short personalized demo.


Condense Employee-App for Microsoft Teams

Our employee app Condense is now also available as MS Teams App. Never before has it been so easy to seamlessly integrate targeted internal communication into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is becoming for more and more users the part of the Digital Workplace where they spend most of their working time. Important company news must therefore not only be distributed in the intranet and in a mobile employee app, but also directly in Microsoft Teams.

Step-by-step installation guide for Condense Microsoft Teams App Version 1.0.3

Step 1

Add the Condense for MS Teams App directly into Microsoft Teams.

  • In MS Teams, add the Condense app by selecting the three dots in the left app bar [...] and selecting "More apps"; search for "Condense" and add the app.
  • Or click this link and open "Open in Microsoft Teams" in the browser window that opens and select "Add" in the window that appears with the information about Condense. 
Condense MS Teams App installieren
Condense MS Teams App installieren

Schritt 2

Assozieren Sie die Condense Teams App mit Ihrem Condense-Abo.

  • Starten sie die Condense für MS Teams App.
  • Sie haben bereits ein Condense Abonnenment? Dann loggen Sie sich direkt mit Ihrer Email-Adresse ein.
  • Falls noch kein Condense Abonnement haben, erstellen Sie unverbindlich Ihr eigene Condense-Abo.
Condense MS Teams App installieren

Step 3

Go ahead and read and create messages directly in Microsoft Teams.

Condense - Teams App - EN

Step 4

Get the native mobile apps on iOS or Android smartphones

Important: If your Condense subscription contains modules for EVENTS, POSTS, PERSONS and PAGES in addition to NEWS, open Condense in your browser to edit the contents of these modules. 

If you would like to change the name or settings of your subscription, you can also do this in your browser in Condense under settings / individualization. 

Condense Available on the iPhone on the App Store
Condense Available as Andoid App on Google Play

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