INTRANETS for the Enterprise

  • The Trend towards independent businss units and micro-enterprises
  • Introduction MatchPoint for Office 365: The Intelligent Intranet
  • Advantages of MatchPoint Architecture for Milti-Mandant Intranet Platforms
  • MatchPoint Agile Delivery
  • The Implementation Process
  • Make vs. Buy of Intranets: Benefits of a Turnkey Approach

Many companies today try to give themselves
smaller structures, to make hierarchies flatter and
to cut red tape in favor of more initiative. Smaller
companies and business units are being given
more freedom again, by digitizing the operation of
common infrastructures, the flow of information
and overarching communication, to make it more
effective and be more efficient. Modern intranet
concepts therefore rely on tenant capability as a
central requirement for the platform. MatchPoint
for Office 365 offers these possibilities, allowing
intelligent intranet concepts with standalone subintranets
that simultaneously benefit from centrally
managed elements for branding, navigation and

MatchPoint Multi-Tenant Concept

Download MatchPoint Multi-Tenant Concept