Remote Working
Tech Stack Strategy

7 Wise Moves

As technology changes the way we work, workplace culture has
entered a state of flux. Water cooler conversations have been replaced by Slack channel chats, whiteboards by Wikis, and meetings with Microsoft Team calls.

In the context of increasing remote working infrastructure and capability, how do our IT and technology teams collaborate with colleagues to understand the drivers of omni-geographic working and what that means for best practice planning?

This is what you can expect in the factbased E-Book - backed up with many datapoints. 

  1. Don’t be remote from how people work
  2. Remember who your future colleagues will be
  3. Survive the tech-clash with a human touch
  4. Silos are so 1990s
  5. Prepare for the niche to go mainstream
  6. Orchestrating it all
  7. Don’t forget your own team

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