10 Digital Workplace Trends for 2020

TRANSFORMING The Digital Employee Experience

The digital workplace trends we expect to see in 2020 have their roots in deeper, long-term “mega-trends” that have been impacting workplace technology for several years.

This guide details our top ten trends for the digital workplace for 2020. It aims to provide digital workplace leaders with  recommendations and talking points to help them plan for 2020 and be in a better position to seize the opportunities and  navigate the challenges. The insights are built on our experience working with more than one thousand B2B customers. 

  1. The digital workplace is growing in strategic importance
  2. AI and automation are now touching everyday work
  3. Digital workplace access for frontline workers is now business-critical
  4. The best digital workplaces focus on people
  5. HR teams want to transform the employee lifecycle
  6. Employees want one access point for the digital workplace
  7. Community revival: Teams marches on and a new focus on Yammer
  8. The need for governance across the digital workplace becomes a priority
  9. The intranet continues to evolve and redefine itself
  10. Digital literacy continues to unlock the power of the digital workplace

Whether you’re managing a mature digital workplace or want to open conversations with stakeholders, we aim that you find it thought provoking and useful. We’ve also included a more detailed checklist at the end of this report with specific questions to consider.

Transforming the digital employee experience