LIVETILES SUPPORT during the Corona crisis

We offer organizations in impacted regions our help and support to set up mobile communication tools for instant use. We provide an easy-to-use solution that does not require corporate IT equipment, that is up and running within 1 hour, secure, fast and reliable. All you need is a smartphone.

What does the LiveTiles offer include?

LiveTiles offers free use of our mobile communication platform Condense, free setup and startup instructions, and round-the-clock chat support.

Where and for how long can I use the platform?

Until 1 July 2020, a fully functional extended trial version of Condense is offered to all organisations in the United States, Europe and Australia for a duration of 6 months free of charge (starting at the day of activation). LiveTiles may extend this offer to other geographic areas upon request or as the situation requires and within the limits of available resources.