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Our solutions and skills empower you to engage and align people, connect data and provide cross-organizational digital workplace platforms

WISE UP Your Workplace

Empowering frontline workers, communicating across organizational boundaries, driving process efficiency and constant technological innovation are the four pillars of digital transformation.

CYCL stands for solutions in which all components are ideally tuned, from the methodology and selection of skills and products to execution excellence and customer success.

CYCL Intranet Overview


Your digital workplace must always be available everywhere – "Always On". Performance, security and continuous improvement are crucial for the long-term success and efficient operations of your platform. CYCL provides a comprehensive services and support portfolio – no matter if your are in the cloud, on-premises or somewhere in between.


Managed Services


Cloud Platform

Our dedicated cloud architecture and engineering covers everything you need around Azure and Office 365, ranging from strategy and conception over methodolgy (i.e. DevOps) and processes to design and architecture, secuirty and compliance, services and subscription management, transition and automation (i.e. infrastructure as code IaC).

Rouven Rüegg
Head Cloud Platform

SharePoint Platform

An appropriate architecture and a functioning platform constitute the basis to securely and efficiently operate and maintain digital workplace applications. We dedicated ourselves to SharePoint design, architecture and engineering back in 2001 with the very first SharePoint version and have been refining our approach in countless projects ever since.

Raffael Grob
Head SharePoint Platform

Operations and Support

CYCL handles the operation and the ongoing technical optimization of your digital platform, the planning of the release, and the installation of application updates. In addition, we permanently monitor availability, security and performance. Our service desk is at your disposal for questions and problems via chat, telephone, e-mail and ticketing.

Sébastien Heusler
Head Managed Services

BE Safe

When it comes to security and compliance, we are uncompromising – we take these two essential aspects into consideration in everything we do. All CYCL services and products are based on our comprehensive security offering that runs like a thread through each and every CYCL solution. In doing so, we always keep current topics and technologies, such as GDPR and Blockchain, as well as the long-term aspects in our view.


Security Identity


Identity Lifecycle Management

If you want to include business partners, contractors and customers to seamlessly work with your employees, identity lifecycle management (ILM) enables the granting of access rights according to roles, rules and policies. We design and implement user on- and off-boarding processes, automate provisioning of access and resources and help you to establish an overall ILM concept.

Raffael Grob
Head SharePoint Platform

Platform Security & Compliance

Office 365 and Azure havepowerful, built-in features to help you protect sensitive data, stay in control in the cloud, and meet your compliance needs. Our experts advise you how to set up security and compliance measures according to your requirements. We help you to protect your data no matter where it is or goes.

Rouven Rüegg
Head Cloud Platform

Data Protection & Privacy

CYCL helps security and privacy teams handling personally identifiable information in their workplace environments to align their data protection and security activities with international regulations and requirements, such as GDPR and others. We assist you in analyzing your assets and with the implementation of defined measures and activities.

Rouven Rüegg
Head Cloud Platform

TRUE Intelligence

What makes an intranet or workplace «intelligent»? Is it just an advanced, maybe even cognitive search algorithm? Or its ability to provide a personalized experience? We don’t think so! Simple solutions can only be achieved by overcoming complex questions. We help you to make use of latest technologies by asking the right ones.


Enterprise Graph

When search is not enough: enterprise graphs help you to connect data across systems and make sense of otherwise unrelated information. CYCL is a pioneer in building semantic solutions and context-driven applications. Our latest addition, the MatchPoint Enterprise Graph, combines these capabilities with AI und brings them to the Office 365 and Azure cloud.

Patrick Püntener

Azure Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of every developer – without requiring machine-learning expertise. All it takes is an API call to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making into your modern workplace. Our products integrate cognitive services to build intelligent solutions that bring you further.

Rouven Rüegg
Head Cloud Platform

Intelligent Bots

Let your people focus on the work that matters most by automating mundane, repetitive tasks.  We help you to create personal, team, enterprise and external assistants to fulfil a range of productive roles. Based on the the LiveTiles Bot Framework we build customized, centrally managed bots without the risk, cost and effort usually involved in bot development.

Matthias Weibel
Head Product Development

PROCESS Digitization

Our daily work is increasingly influenced by digital technologies such as social media, big data, the cloud, smart devices or the internet of things. CYCL helps you tailor your processes to the new requirements of increasing digitization.


Process Digitization


Process Modeling

CYCL provides professional process consulting, profound business analytics and intelligent process automation. Our enhanced process models allow you to manage process documents, resources, risks and IT systems with performance metadata and are the basis for process automation and intelligence.

George Streit
Senior Consultant

Workflows and Forms

CYCL offers you years of experience in the realization of electronic workflows and forms, using tools such as Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps, PowerApps, FireStart or Nintex in addition to customer-specific developments.

Michele Casazza
Senior Consultant

Bespoke Apps

Our competent development teams design and implement tailor-made applications and mobile apps based on Microsoft and Open Source cloud stacks – with the same high quality and reliable agile processes as our own products.

Bogdan Mocanu
Head Software Development

FIT For Digital Progress

New technology is driving architectural, organizational and cultural change. Our advisory services guide you through these challenges on all levels. They show you how the cloud and modern workplace change the way you have to think and act – both in your IT team and your userbase.




Stakeholder Management

The many stakeholders in a modern workplace program are driven by their own interests, which are not always in line with your overall objectives. With our experience from hundreds of projects and by taking an active role in steering committees, we anticipate conflicts of interest and advise your sponsors and managers how to reach their goals and to defend their position, all by minimizing adverse effects on the course of your project.

Thomas Brunner

Agile Implementation

For the technical implementation of your intranet, we rely on our standardized agile delivery process with a sequential phase model, which was specially developed for the delivery of Office 365- and SharePoint-based intranet solutions. We help you build an integrated team with your own and our experts, sprinting through the backlog from start to go-live and beyond. 

Marc Peyer
Head SharePoint Development

DevOps Processes

CYCL helps you to implement modern DevOps processes. By thinking beyond the go-live of your platform, we put your requirements on a continuous release roadmap with short cycles right from the start. In combination with our tailor-made maintenance services, we ensure the operation and continuous improvement of your intranet.

Sébastien Heusler
Head Managed Services

OUR GOAL Your Success

To achieve maximum user acceptance, it is important to take appropriate measures at an early stage in the project, which are largely given by our agile approach. A combination of enablement, platform marketing and alignment in all areas as well as a well planned content migration does the trick.

MatchPoint 3C Mesh


Strategic Alignment

By mapping your modern workplace vision and strategy to the capabilities of Office 365 and the selected toolset, we define how your solution must be implemented on the technical level in order to provide the desired outcome and make sure you reach your communications and collaboration goals right from the start.

George Streit
Senior Consultant

Enabling & Training

CYCL accompanies all projects with appropriate training measures and documentation: We enable your project team and business key users from the beginning, make your content authors familiar with publishing, offer training material, learning videos and train-the-trainer workshops for your users and show your admins how to run our solutions.

George Streit
Senior Consultant

Content Migration

Who is migrating what, how and when – important questions to be answered if you want to make your users happy at go-live. Early migration planning ensures that your new intranet delivers the content your users expect. By analyzing your data, resources and requirements, CYCL makes sure the decisive parameters for a successful migration are set correctly.

Lucas Gröner
Senior Consultant

BEST Practice

CYCL not only delivers popular products, but also an optimally coordinated approach to successfully roll out modern intranets and familiarize your employees with the associated new ways of working. We focus on the interface between organizational processes and requirements and the technical possibilities to realize meaningful solutions.


Change Management

Projects and initiatives such as a new intranet or a digital work platform ultimately require individuals to do their work differently. CYCL is PROSCI-certified and offers tailor-made change management consulting and support as an integrated service. There is a clear link between project success and effective change management.

George Streit
Senior Consultant

Project Management

For the implementation of modern workplaces, we rely on our standardized agile delivery process with a sequential phase model, specially developed for Office 365- and Azure-based solutions. From a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we develop your solution into a Minimum Marketable Product (MMP) in short sprints. Our experienced SCRUM- and HERMES-certified project managers keep full control of deadlines, costs and delivery objects at all times.

Markus Brombacher
Head SharePoint Platform

Quality Assurance

We have implemented the same high-quality processes for testing our own products and all customer-specific solutions. Your solution benefits from our extensive experience in product development, which must meet the highest quality standards. Functional, performance and security test cases are fixed points for observation in each development sprint.

Thomas Brunner

CASE Studies

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