CYCL Enters Strategic Partnership With Starmind

CYCL has signed a strategic solution partnership with Starmind International AG, pioneer in Brain Technology and self-learning knowledge networks. The objective of the cooperation is the integration of Starmind’s intelligent knowledge management system into MatchPoint.

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With the integration of Starmind’s Corporate Brain Technology into MatchPoint, joint customers will benefit from a new full solution, which seamlessly combines social collaboration, intranet and self-learning knowledge management.

“We share a common vision with CYCL, which is to rapidly find valuable information, whether these are documents, working-spaces or answers to questions. Simplicity is especially important, that is to say an integrated solution from where users can get immediate access to all kinds of information they need“, comments Dr. Anton Meier, Chief Sales Officer at Starmind. “With MatchPoint, it is possible to implement an out-of-the-box Intranet 2.0 solution. Thus, the introduction of Starmind’s self-learning technology is further simplified for companies, relieving them of unnecessary integration efforts, whilst helping them save costs“, explains Meier.


All you need to know right now. Anywhere. Anytime.

Starmind Brain Technology connects know-how across hierarchies, structures and boundaries, at any given moment and at any place. Self-learning technology applies latest insights from neuroscience and artificial intelligence networks and maps internal know-how of large corporations. It analyses internal problems and questions posted by employees and automatically routes these to the identified top experts within the corporation.

Patrick Püntener, Co-CEO at CYCL, is both excited and confident about this partnership. “The secret behind relevant information is to master the context. This is a challenging task. Starmind’s Brain Technology and ability to analyze user interactions are important prerequisites for this. Combined with our semantic technology, we cover more contextual facets than any of our competitors. Simply put, this means that our platform provides best information quality for end users and optimally supports business processes.”

By combining MatchPoint and Starmind’s Brain Technology information becomes more relevant and more tangible. In the future, information deriving from corporate brain power can get combined with the ensuing results of collaboration spaces (documents, wikis, blogs, projects, workspaces) and information from the intranet (news, articles, etc.).

About Starmind

Starmind International AG was founded by Pascal Kaufmann and Marc Vontobel in Zurich in 2010 and today has over 50 employees. As a young company with roots at ETH Zurich, Starmind develops Brain Technology for companies with at least 5,000 employees. The system enables organisations to gather internal company know-how across existing organisational boundaries, making it available to all employees everywhere and in real time. Starmind uses self-learning algorithms based on the principles of brain and artificial neural network research. Employees' questions are automatically forwarded to the right person within the company, identified by the algorithm as the designated expert for that specific topic. Starmind software is currently in use in over 40 countries by renowned companies from various industries. Starmind's customers include Swisscom, Bayer and UBS. For more information, please visit

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