Kuoni Intranet Presented at Harbour Club Symposium

Kuoni CCO Peter Brun presented the new MatchPoint-based social intranet only a few weeks after the successful go-live at the Harbour Club Symposium 2014 in Zürich.

The employees make the intranet - not the bosses.
— Peter Brun, CCO Kuoni

With the relaunch of the global intranet, Kuoni leverages well-know concepts from social media platforms such as Facebook. All employees are now active participants and can create content, and each individual can decide what content to follow. This revolutionary and deomcratic approach leads to a much better information flow within the organization and gives all employees the same right to influence and communicate. A unified timeline aggregates all information based on search and filters relevant content for each user according to his profile.

Kuoni's experience reflects the results of a study, the CCO Compass, recently released by the Harbour Club as a guideline for CCOs, helping them to anticipate trends. It shows a clear transformation in communications with a considerable impact regarding the role and value of the communications department within the organization. In particular, four topics have been identified as important:

Governance: communication needs to be globally managed to gain influence

Digitization: information exchange between stakeholders must be active, relevant, authentic and trustworthy

Cooperation: all communication activities need to be integrated. The management, IT, HR and marketing need to work hand in hand

Innovation: to become faster, better, stronger, information and processes need to be continuously analysed and improved