CYCL and Guardtime Announce Strategic Partnership for Blockchain-Integrated Content Management Solutions

CYCL partners with Guardtime to guarantee the integrity, sovereignty and auditability of services, processes, records and documents in content management solutions for regulated environments and to fulfill legal requirements such as GDPR.

An increasing number of enterprises and organizations acknowledge the potential benefits of digital services and strive to develop and implement digital experiences, advance organizational changes technologically and continuously adapt digital communication and collaboration to their rapidly evolving needs. But how can businesses and their clients put their trust in digital-only, dematerialized files and content, in the same way as they trust material-based, printed and signed documents?

CYCL provides digital business solutions for IT modernization, process digitization and digital content management. With experience from several hundred successful projects, more than 500 customers, our leading SharePoint-based intranet solution "MatchPoint" with a community of 750,000 users and the new cloud service for content curation "Condense", CYCL combines highly qualified specialists with popular products to a comprehensive range of services.

Today CYCL is taking a new step to assist clients with advanced security or legal requirements as they reinvent their services in a dematerialized, digitized environment, while at the same time assuring the confidence and trust of their customers and business partners. CYCL has concluded a strategic partnership with Guardtime, a key player in the field of digital asset security exploiting blockchain technologies.

Guardtime has distinguished itself through its work securing the strategic databases of the Estonian Government, a leader in the adoption of eGovernment, as well as in other applications such as cloud infrastructure, enterprise security and GDPR compliance.

Guardtime’s unrivalled expertise in blockchain technology and its innovative approach to implementing it enables us to deliver highly secure, yet pragmatic and cost-effective content management solutions, further extending our mission to create trust in the digital world
— Patrick Püntener, Co-CEO of CYCL
CYCL’s experience with content management solutions and their knowledge of the security issues present in process digitization will significantly improve the relevance and the time-to-market of our offer
— Mike Gault, CEO of Guardtime

The joint-venture brings together Guardtime's intimate knowledge of the highly specific needs and constraints of regulated environments and CYCL’s proven technological content management and infrastructure know-how; the two partners combine to become a cutting edge player in the field of modern content governance and compliance solutions.

About Guardtime

Guardtime is a team of over 150 cryptographers, developers and security architects, with decades of experience defending networks from nation-state attack. Over the last decade we have built a technology platform called KSI that allows us to tackle hard problems in security, supply chain, compliance and networking. Our business model is to build long term strategic partnerships with companies that are leaders in their field. We work together, leveraging our platform to build new solutions and take them to market.



Patrick Püntener
Co-CEO CYCL           

Mike Gault
CEO Guardtime